Integral Accounting Enterprise Faq

Integral Accounting Enterprise is a complete multi-language accounting & ERP system with full source code and distribution rights. This application runs on the latest Cloud Environments, Including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, AWS, VPS, SAAS, and other managed service providers.

Implemented in ASP Dot Net with VB Dot Net Codebehind and using the free SQL Server Express or better database!

Integral Accounting Enterprise is Multi-Everything! Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, Multi-Company, Multi-Warehouse, Multi-Bin!
Integral Accounting Enterprise FAQ

Is Integral Accounting Enterprise Cloud Based?

Yes. Integral Accounting Enterprise Cloud can be run on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, AWS, VPS, SAAS and other Managed Service Providers. This means that you can have Intgral Accounting Enterprise up and running very quickly for your newclients, and you can take advangate of the latest cliyud features like re-sizing your environment for better performance on the fly.


Why is your software so Inexpensive?

STFB Inc. software is in-expensive because we only sell sell the software on-line, and we have no outside sales force, and this cuts a lot of the overhead of selling our particular type of software. STFB Inc. also only licenses the software to developers, consultants and Value-added resellers (VARS) that are familiar with programming and the dot net environment, which cuts our technical support needs as well. Without the sales force or technical support overhead, we are able to offer the Integral Accounting Enterprise product at a very competitive price.


How often is the Integral Accounting Enterprise System Updated?

STFB Inc. updates the Integral Accounting Enterprise Package 1 - 2 times a year. If required, we will issue an emergency patch to fix any major bugs or to patch in important new features or compliance changes. As long as your maintenance contract is valid, you will receive all of these updates and patches for free!


What happens to my custom modifications when a new release is issued?

The Integral Accounting Enterprise package is designed with modifications and customizations in mind. The software is organized as a "Solution", with the major functionality defined as sub-projects to that solution. This means that you can leave the software completely intact, and implement your custom changes in a separate sub-solution that will be completely un-affected by the upgrades to the software. When we make table changes to the database, we may add stored procedures, functions, and fields, but we NEVER remove already added fields and tables so we will never "break" and code that relies on customizations to the database. Complete instructions on how to modify the Integral Accounting Enterprise system and have your changes persist across releases are posted at


What is SQL Server Express and Why is it so important?

SQL Server Express is a completely free version of SQL Server that is re-distributable with your software applications! Most importantly, SQL Server Express is functionally equivalent to SQL Server, applications can't tell the difference and they run flawlessly on SQL Server Express! This allows you to distribute your SQL Server based applications to customers that can't afford their own SQL Server implementations. This means that a version of Integral Accounting Enterprise can service both your large and small customers without any modification! You can use the Integral Accounting Enterprise Software with SQL Server Express for small companies that don't need or can't afford the full SQL Server license.


How many users does the Enterprise system support ?

The Integral Accounting Enterprise application is licensed as an entire application and not on a per server or per user basis. Therefore, You can run as many users as you like on the Integral Accounting Enterprise System without having to pay anything extra! Technically, There are no built-in limits to the amount of users the Integral Accounting Enterprise system can handle, as long as the underlying operating system software and hardware can handle the user load, the software should be able to handle it also. If you are using the Integral Accounting Enterprise package and you find that your user load is starting to slow the system, remember that the system is multi-tiered, and each of the tiers can be run on a separate machine, and if configured properly some of the tiers can even operate across multiple servers!

If you are using the Enterprise System on the cloud and have performance issues, you can simply allocate more cloud resources to the application.


What is your shipping policy (How fast can I get the code?)

As soon as we receive your payment, we will send an email that contains instructions on how to download the software from our secure site using your license key.

We can also do an installation for you to your Cloud Environment or load the software onto your private virtual server.


Is the source code complete?

When you purchase the Integral Accounting Enterprise system, you get the complete source code for the entire application and all of it's tiers. All of the databases, all scripts, all projects, all modules, all of the source code documentation, everything that you need to modify any section of the program. The program itself is designed to be completely modifiable, nothing is obscured or obfuscated.


What is the reseller pricing?

The price posted on the website *is* the reseller price. We normally only sell the product to Developers, Consultants, and Value added resellers. We try to refer end users to one of our Consultant and Reseller partners unless they are technically savvy enough to handle installation, customizations and modifications to the software themselves.


Are there any distribution royalties or fees?

Once you purchase the software, you can modify it and distribute it without paying us any additional royalties or fees. The only limit to the license agreement is that you cannot distribute the source code, only the executable program that you create. (See the License Agreement for more information). [top]


How many customers do you have using the Enterprise product?

Integral Accounting Enterprise was first released June 2003 and we have hundreds of customers world-wide.


What industry is the product designed for?

The Integral Accounting Enterprise Package is not designed for any particular industry, but instead contains all of the basic accounting functionality that is found in most industries. You can then use the software as a base to build your custom industry specific software on.


What is your International Sales and Shipping Policy?

We sell all over the world, with the following exceptions: Cuba, Sudan, Libya, North Korea, Syria, or any other country to which the United States has prohibited export by law. If you are International and have questions on how to order the software please email for the International Ordering Instructions.


What is your privacy policy?

There are two areas of this policy: and Information Usage Policy. The Information that we keep on file - We only keep the following information about you on file: Billing Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address Shipping Name, Address, Phone Number The Federal Express Air Bill for Proof Of Deliveries

Information Usage Policy Your Information will never be sold to third parties. We will never do a mailing or contact you on behalf of a third party. We may contact you if some new information about a product that you are using becomes available, like a new release or a bug fix.


What is the return policy and / or warranty?

This is a source code product, therefore there are NO RETURNS after the package is shipped. There are no warranties, because by definition since the product is source code, we can not control the product once it is out of our hands. This is standard policy for source code products. For more information about the return policy, please read our license agreement at


Is the Software GAAP, IAS, and / or Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant?

The system is GAAP and IAS compliant and supports the Sarbanes-Oxley auditing and security required features. Please note however that IAS, IASB and FASB are changing accounting rules all of the time, and there may be a lag between the pronuncement and the time of it's implementation into our software.



Have any questions?

Please contact our sales people with any questions at 954-257-9023 or email

We can provide anwsers to any questions you may have and provide sample source code for our applications before your purchase.

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